the tea chronicles: un

i am going to make myself like tea. everyone at the office drinks coffee, as in most offices. i neither like coffee, nor want to start liking it. what is there to gain from that toxic relationship? tea is a different story. so here begins my journey.

the accessories don't hurt either.

the mission started with vanilla+honey tea. though my sophisticated palette could detect neither flavor, after supplementing with some (a lot) of sugar and milk i started to enjoy. for my next experiment, i'm considering a fruity tea. perhaps a white tea? if any tea experts out there have any suggestions, shoot them my way!


  1. my roommate was a tea maid in hburg, you should ask her! i'm only an expert in spontaneity.

  2. white tea is good but sometimes it's so light it tends to lose any flavour is may have had. you should try green or oolong tea for full tastes and aromas. for oolong i personally like darjeeling oolong, but that's definitely a little stronger (as it's close to regular darjeeling tea, which is black). personally, my favourite tea is english breakfast, and even though it has a very distinct "tea" taste, i suggest you give it a try as well. good luck!